Document Type : Original Article


1 University of Science & Technology, College of Engineering, Sudan

2 Al-Mughtaribeen University, College of Engineering, Department of General Sciences, Sudan



H. Jafari proposed a new integral transform recently, namely, the Jafari transform, which covered all classes of integral transforms in the class of Laplace transform, such as Laplace, Sumudu, Elzaki, Aboodh, natural, Shehu transformation, etc. In this paper, we utilize a semi-analytical technique, namely the Jafari variational iteration method, abbreviated JVIM, and we apply this technique to resolve one-dimensional diffusion equations with fractional order type using the Caputo fractional derivative. The results are compared with the homotopy analysis Shehu transform method (HASTM). Also, the results show the suggested algorithm is efficient, accurate and a powerful technique for solving a wide variety of linear and non-linear problems arising in various scientific areas.


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