Document Type : Original Article


Department of Industrial Engineering, Apadana Institute of Higher Education, Shiraz, Iran


In this paper, an efficient numerical method based on operational matrices of the second kind Chebyshev polynomials is used for the solution of a coupled system of fractional-order integrodifferential equations that the fractional derivative is given in Caputo's sense. The operational matrices of the second kind Chebyshev polynomials reduce the given equations to a system of linear algebraic equations. An approximate solution is calculated by extending the functions in terms of the second kind Chebyshev polynomials and applying operational matrices. Unknown coefficients are obtained by solving the final system of linear equations. Also, convergence analysis and error bound of the solution are studied in this paper. Moreover, to check the reliability and accuracy of the given method. The numerical examples have been shown and the results of the described method are compared with the Haar wavelet method. The obtained results authenticate that the displayed method is effortless to analyze and perform such types of problems. All methods for the proposed method are applied in MATLAB (R2020b) software.