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Department of Mathematics, Dehdasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dehdasht, Iran


In this work, we study the character amenability of weighted convolution algebras $\ell^{1} (S,\omega)$, where $ S $ is a semigroup of classes of inverse semigroups with a uniformly locally finite idempotent set, inverse semigroups with a finite number of idempotents, Clifford semigroups and Rees matrix semigroups. We show that for inverse semigroup with a finite number of idempotents and any weight $ \omega $, $\ell^{1} (S,\omega)$ is character amenable if each maximal semigroup of $ S $ is amenable. Then for a commutative semigroup $ S $ and $ \omega(x)\geq 1$, for all $ x\in S $. Moreover, we show that character amenability of $\ell^{1} (S,\omega)$ implies that $ S $ is a Clifford semigroup. Finally, we investigate the character amenability of the weighted convolution algebra $ \ell^{1} (S,\omega)$, and its second dual for a Rees matrix semigroup.